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Deciding to move to an assisted living community is a major life-changer. Here at Excellence, we work as a team with family and/or caregiver, doctors and our staff to create a smooth and successful transition for our new residents.

If you choose a community like Excellence ALF, this major life change will go smoothly. With Excellence, you’ll be living in a place where those assisting you not only recognize the importance of maintaining your independence – they celebrate it. That said, the benefits of assisted living don’t stop there.

The Benefits of Assisted Living

A survey from A Place for Mom, a senior living referral service, suggests that the majority of older adults and their family caregivers experience measurable increases in quality of life after an older relative moves to assisted living. Take a look at some of the improvements family members noticed in an older relative after they moved to an Assisted Living Facility:

Improvement in quality of life
0 %
Improvement in nutrition
0 %
Improvement in social well-being
0 %
Improvement in physical health
0 %

Who Might Benefit From Excellence Senior Living?

We will serve our residents by providing proper care, security, life enhancing programs, and activities in order to maintain each honorary guest in the best and optimum state of integral health. Below are some of the most common topics from which a person might benefit from our facility:

  • A belief and desire to do more with your life in your mastery age
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Daily reminders to take medications
  • Those with physical disabilities or mobility restriction
  • Those who feel anxious, lonely, fearful, or depressed
  • Well structured nutrition

Ability To Maintain Your Independence

Just because you might need a little help here and there doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of your independence. In fact, doing so could actually be detrimental to your health and adversely affect your quality of life.

That’s why Excellence makes sure that their residents get the help they need — however, at the same time they enable residents to do their own laundry, run errands, join the gardening club, and socialize whenever they want. They have a full game room, lots of windows with tons of natural light coming into the facility, and a growing library.

Help Is There When You Need It

At times, residents like everyone from time to time will need assistance. Personal grooming may be difficult in later years, so Excellence provides residents with zero-entry showers with built-in seats and a on-site salon. Residents who need help caring for their daily household chores, going to medical or dental appointments, or managing their medications can get the help they need. Another way Excellence looks out for your well-being is with a menu that changes each week, has a variety of delicious options to choose from each day and meals can be tailored to each residents dietary needs. They have a well-trained, executive chef who gets to work out of a state-of-the-art kitchen. It will feel like dining out at every meal.

Your Friends & Family Have Peace Of Mind

Your loved ones want you to stay happy and healthy all of your life. Moving into an assisted living facility that values independence along with socialization, physical, emotional, and mental health will put their minds at ease. They will feel happy knowing that you are staying in a modern facility with beautiful grounds, a nurse’s station on every floor, and a staff that cares about your personal health and well being.


My daughter visited five different locations, and after visiting Excellence, she said, “This is definitely the place for my mother!

Mary Lyons

Excellence Living Resident

This place is unique!

At my age, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Joe Willis

Excellence Living Resident

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