4 Health Benefits of a Warmer Climate

Do you love to snuggle in front of a fire during a chilly winter? Or maybe you’d prefer to be able to go to the beach all year around, not having to really worry about the colder months? Everyone has a favorite season of the year, but despite personal preferences, there’s actually some good health reasons to prefer a warmer climate. Maybe some hotter days are just what the doctor ordered!

Let’s see some of the benefits that come with a warmer climate:

1. More Vitamin D

Vitamin D can prevent cancer, improve your bone health and it also gives you more energy. And how do you get more Vitamin D? With sunlight exposure! Even though this vitamin is extremely important, the Central Washington University’s researchers said that over 77% of people aren’t getting enough vitamin D because of a lack of sunlight. This alone should be a good reason to consider moving to a state with a warmer climate.

2. Physical Health

I don’t know about you, but it’s extremely difficult to get out of the house for a jog in a gray and cold weather. And that’s actually backed by scientific research – people are much more active during the summertime. That means that in a warmer climate region, exercise is much more likely to become a part of your routine. But don’t forget your sunscreen!

3. Improved Memory

I bet you didn’t think the cold was affecting you memory, did you? Well, research shows that your mental performance and your alertness is at its best when your body temperature is high. A warmer climate, therefore, will keep you sharp and with a better memory. Your days of losing the car keys are over!

4. Your Hearth and Lungs Will Thank You

The cold weather can negatively impact your heart and respiratory system. What happens is when your body tries to regulate its temperature, your blood pressure can increase beyond what’s healthy, even causing long-term damage. On the other hand, as you probably guessed by now, a warmer climate can help protect these sensible organs.

Some people love the cold, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! But if you’re suffering with some freezing temperatures and are looking for some extra reasons to make a decision to move to a warmer climate, we just gave you four good ones! Excellence is an Assisted Living Facility located in Orlando, Florida. In case you didn’t know, we have summer all year around! Schedule a tour today and come see for yourself!

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