Lifestyle & Nutrition Tips for Seniors

A healthy diet is fundamental to everyone, but it is even more important as you’re getting older. It helps to support your energy, fight diseases and infections and minimizes the chances to develop chronic health conditions. As you age, your nutritional needs and eating habits change. Starting with calories: you don’t need as much of […]

4 Health Benefits of a Warmer Climate

Do you love to snuggle in front of a fire during a chilly winter? Or maybe you’d prefer to be able to go to the beach all year around, not having to really worry about the colder months? Everyone has a favorite season of the year, but despite personal preferences, there’s actually some good health […]

High Blood Pressure: How To Eat Well to Prevent It

Research shows that 1 in every four American adults has high blood pressure, or hypertension. This disease is a major risk for heart and kidney diseases. But first, what is high blood pressure? Hypertension refers to the pressure of blood against your artery walls. Overtime, it can cause blood vessel damage, leading to strokes and […]

How to Choose a Good Assisted Living Facility

The decision to move to an Assisted Living Facility isn’t easy. Deciding which one to choose can be ever harder. There are a lot of them throughout the United States, and the amount of options can be quite overwhelming. The first step is to think what your needs and desires are. How do you want […]